Added two powder coating systems - one small and one for large heavy parts.  Also added an e-coat line and a 5-stage stainless steel washer.



84' 5-stage washer.  Rapid Engineering with rebuilt tanks and pumps.  42" x 72"; 12 FPM.  Call for details.



2013 Powder-X Batch Oven.  Like New Condition. 8'W x 8'H x 22'6"L Call for details.



3 batch ovens - excellent condition:  8 x 8 x 16; 5 x 5 x 6; 4 x 5 x 7 Call for details.  574.266.4435



Torrent Systems, our sister company which mfgs the Torrent powder coating system, is featured in the May 2014 edition of The Fabricator.  Pages 62-63.



 KoteQuip, LLC annouces Torrent Systems, LLC.  Visist to get information on our new patent pending powder coating system.  Or call us for more information including a MS PowerPoint show illustrating the new system.  Engineered to coat large heavy parts or many small parts all in a footpriint half the size of a standard monorail system.



Same phone, same zip, different address.  Beginning 6/15/2013 our new address will be:  28417 Glenview Drive, Elkhart, IN 46514.



 We have a customer in need of two gun recipocators and two 150 lb hoppers.  Please contact us if you can assist. ddd



SEW EuroDrives have been sold....9-Stage stainless powder system, $400,000.  Beautiful condition.  Call for details... Large inventory of oven panels...3/31/2013 - opening day of MLB!


Three 200# hoppers now available.  Pumps and sieve.  Call for details.



KoteQuip, LLC wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 


10 SEW EuroDrives are in stock.  Brand new. Seven different models.  Call for details.



A large selection of 4" and 6" oven panels in stock.  Excellent condition.  Contact us for details.



 9-Stage powder coating system.  Beautiful condition.  Call for details.


 Just listed a working, reconditioned Nordson Versa Spray II manual gun package.

7/23/2012 - Package Special

154 automatic Nordson gun controllers.  55 Nordson automatic guns.  Cables, hose, gun cabinets, hopper dolleys, filters, fluidizing plates.  Large inventory of nozzles, gun spare parts.  All for one package deal.




Follow us on Twitter, @KoteQuip


 Be sure to see the new listing for a two-stage washer.








KoteQuip, LLC, has recently completed the installation of a wet paint line for Caterpillar in Clayton, OH.  This is the first time in which CAT has integrated reconditioned equipment with new equipment.  The line features a 5-stage stainless steel washer, two wet paint booths,one dip tank, dry-off oven, four hoists, and 6 over 6 power & free conveyor.  We are currently assisting Cat vendors to upgrade both wet and powder coating operations to meet the new CAT standards.  Call us for details. 


11/30/2011 - Liquid Paint Booth is Needed

 We have a customer in need of a truck-size liquid paint booth.  Basic interior dimensions of 12'W x 12'H x 24'L.  Either side or down-draft ventilation, with heated cure.  Please contact us if you know of a booth that may meet thses spec's.




Looking for a high-speed multi-stage powder coating system?  We have several from which to choose.  Part opening ranges from 24" x 48" to 48" x 72". 

We have also just acquired a Nordson Horizon 200 Series powder booth.  Call us for more details.


6/6/2011 - Equipment Needed

Deleted 11/15/2011


5/16/2011 - Primer Cure Oven

Please give us a call at 574.266.4435 if you are intested in a primer cure oven.  One is currently available which is 25'L x 13'W x 12'H.  It is a four-pass oven with a max operating temp. of 300 degrees F.  Likewise, a topcoat cure oven with two new direct-fired burners is also available.


5/13/2011 - ITW GEMA Plastic Powder Booth

Many parts still in the original packaging, the ITW GEMA plastic powder booth features manual and auotmatic guns.  Contact KoteQuip,LLC for more information.  574-266-4435.




5/12/2011 - Eisenmann E-Coat System

Contact KoteQuip, LLC, for more information regarding a recently decommissioned Eisenmann e-coat system.  The system includes 14'L x 8'W x 8'D stainless steel immersion tanks, storage tanks, Spang rectifiers, stainless steel pumps, DI system, anolyte tank, conveyor equipment, hoist, dual Tranter Superchangers, and much more.





Two more complete powdercoat systems have been added to the "Systems" portion of our catalog.  One is a 3-stage powder coat system and the other is a 9-stage stainless with a 2' x 4' part opening.. The Thermatron X e-coat system, which had been listed for about three months, has been sold.

Smart-Coat Controller, Nordson P/N 107 000A is now listed in the "Powder Guns" section, four photo's are in the listing.

A customer or ours has an ITW Gema wet paint system complete with recipracators, controllers, et al.  Contact KoteQuip, LLC for more information.



We may have access to a small powder system with a 24" x 30" part opening.  Call 574.266.4435 for more details.



Being in the used finishing equipment biz, every once in a while we obtain some unusual pieces.  For instance, we recently acquired -through no fault of our own - five Norton (not Nordson) grinding wheels.  These 14" aluminum oxide wheels rated at "J" hardness, with a 46 grit.  Give us a call if you can use theses; or, if you know someone who might be interested.  You'll find a photo in the Misc. section of our on-line catalog:


We have acquired a large inventory of CPVC pipe and fittings.  Call 574.266.4435 for more information.


New this month is a Nordson CK-03 powder booth.  It is in excellent condtion and price to sell at $22,500.  Guns are sold separately.  Call 574.266.4435 for more details.



The beginning of the first quarter 2011 has been a busy one at KoteQuip, LLC.  We now have at our disposal three excellent coating systems.  Two powder systems and one system from an e-coat line.  All ready to dismantle for shipping.  All three systems feature 7-stage stainless steel washers. Please refer to the “Systems” section of this website for further details. 


You may call us at 574.266.4434 for more information concerning these systems. As always, we welcome you queries’ on how we may help you with your industrial finishing systems and components needs.



Welcome to the updated KoteQuip, LLC website.  While the look and feel of this site has remained the same, we have made several additions to make it easier for you to find and purchase what you need.

For instance, you may now purchase items online.  More photo's are available.  Links to Youtube for video's.

More changes are coming.  Our goal is to have our complete inventory listed in a fashion that is updated, quick and easy to navigate.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.


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